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La Pizzeria

The project aims to bring one of the most loved products in the world - pizza - to a higher level by combining the tradition of flavors with the modernity of the dough.

At La Pizzeria we work the material following a precise procedure. This makes the yeasts work at their best and metabolize gluten and sugar, for a truly light, digestible and melt-in-your-mouth result.

Francesco Gasbarro


What we ennoble in the oven

From the collaboration with Master Pizzaiolo Paolo Pannacci here are our doughs, made with raw materials of the highest quality, the best cooking techniques and bread-making from mother yeast.

All combined in a new concept of pizza, which meets the author’s cuisine. Finally, we work with producers and breeders who have our same philosophy of quality and respect for the environment.

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The Location

The atmosphere is fresh, green, young and bright; the attention to sustainability is also found in the choice of furnishings, made from recycled materials.

The welcome is informal, but always accompanied by the professionalism that distinguishes us.